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This one is even more important than 1, because there are too many fake memory cards out there! Remember, all SD cards more or less look the same, so if someone slaps on a SanDisk label on an OEM card, you would have no idea that you are dealing with a fake memory card.

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Some Chinese manufacturers find ways to not only fake the memory cards themselves, but also closely imitate the original retail packaging, making the card look pretty authentic. Companies like SanDisk dictate their pricing with retailers, so if their pricing changes at one retailer, it should be mirrored with another unless the sale is a one-off exclusive, such as the Deal of the Day at Amazon. If you shop for memory cards at Amazon, make sure that the card is sold and shipped by Amazon — there have been reported cases of fake memory cards being sold by third party sellers there. If the photographer used those cards heavily, it means that the memory card cells have less life left in HAMA FlashPath MMC Card Reader, so you might start encountering issues with those cards sooner than HAMA FlashPath MMC Card Reader would expect, especially if you are a busy photographer.

Unlike most cameras that can show you total number of actuations, memory cards do not keep a track of how many times write operations took place.

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Memory cards are incredibly cheap nowadays, so I would not try to save a buck or two by attempting to get used ones. If a memory card says that it can do 95 MB per second speeds, it does not mean that the memory card is actually going to be able to get to those speeds. In fact, did you know that the published transfer numbers on memory cards often only reflect the read speed, but not the write speed? Over HAMA FlashPath MMC Card Reader years, I found that most memory cards cannot reach their maximum advertised speeds, which is disappointing. So if you buy a memory card that claims fast read and write transfer rates, try to copy large-size files to and from the memory card to see if those numbers reflect the reality. But do make sure that you have a fast enough reader that can actually take advantage of those speeds see 6 below for more information.

Hama Memory Card Drivers Download - Update Hama Software

Then once you receive the card, make sure to test it out. If transfer HAMA FlashPath MMC Card Reader are incredibly slow, you might be dealing with a fake memory card. Because if that super large capacity memory card fails, you will lose everything on it. This is especially important for those who shoot critical projects and events.

If you have a trip of your lifetime, it might sound appealing to just use one single memory card and not worry about changing memory HAMA FlashPath MMC Card Reader. Unless you have a very solid backup workflow, where you make sure to back up images after each shoot, you should not stash on those large capacity memory cards. Now if you have an advanced camera that has multiple memory card slots, having a single large capacity memory card could be useful.


John Bosley does this for his wedding work and he is yet to lose files from important photo shoots and weddings he is involved in. If you follow a similar practice, large capacity memory cards are not necessarily evil.


Also, if you do shoot with multiple memory card slots in overflow mode one memory card fills up and the camera starts recording to the second onetry not to delete images using your camera! When shooting in overflow mode and deleting images, you never know which particular memory card contains which photos.

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The camera will automatically place images in the first card that has the available space. This was a hard lesson learned for me, since I was stupid enough to HAMA FlashPath MMC Card Reader pictures from the main memory card and I kept on shooting the best pictures to it without any backups.

I then managed to lose that memory card when traveling, which contained the most valuable pictures from the trip! I wrote about my experience in this article back in and even promised a reward if someone found my card and handed it back HAMA FlashPath MMC Card Reader me, which sadly never happened.

Comparison of memory cards

How big should the capacity of memory cards be? Well, it all depends on the size of individual files your camera creates. If you shoot bit uncompressed RAW, your files are HAMA FlashPath MMC Card Reader to take a lot of space and you might need a bigger card to accommodate a few hundred of those images. If you shoot losslessly compressed RAW with a low to medium resolution camera, you might get away with smaller cards.

But when doing video work, shooting with a higher resolution camera or shooting a lot of panoramas, I might use a 64 GB card. I only HAMA FlashPath MMC Card Reader a single GB card, which I bought primarily for shooting wildlife and for keeping it as a backup. Keep in mind that requirements for memory cards will change overtime.

With the increase of resolution and bit depth HAMA FlashPath MMC Card Reader cameras, you might need to start moving up to larger capacity memory cards in the future. Over the years, I have used many different memory card readers from Lexar, SanDisk and other third party manufacturers. I have never managed to damage a memory card because of a bad memory card reader, but there is always a potential to damage a card, especially during write operations. This package contains the files for installing the FlashPath MMC Card Reader Driver. If this package has been installed, updating. Download the latest Hama Memory Card device drivers (Official and Certified). Flash Memory Card 64 MB, USB · Flash-Path SmartMedia · FlashPath MMC.

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