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But step by step, the new memory card interfaces go back to parallel interfaces. Serial interfaces have advantages if HAMA Black Glance USB Gamepad have to cross distances over a wire, but from socket to card there isn't much distance or wire. This means that the next candidate for an upgrade would be the SD standard that recently suffered from the SDHC upgrade - after successfully doubling the clock rate. Interpreting the Results In the meatime, I did a quick check 8MB read and write in about half of the card readers I have available.

But there are several card readers where the card runs in the slow MMC 3 mode, although the reader would suppport at least SD, and in some cases even MMC 4. Step by step, the regular test results will be added.

Hama Adapter for Nano/Micro SIM/SIM Cards

But this will take some time, especially for the card readers where the card runs in MMC 3 mode. For the moment, the test results can be found at the top of the SD 1.

The card turned out to be as I expected. It looks exactly like an MMCplus card: First checks showed that the maximum read reate seems to be about It is very hard to tell which modes the card actually supports, because the maximum read rate is still within SD 1. Further tests in different card readers might reveal a little more detail. Well, some time ago I added test results HAMA Black Glance USB Gamepad USB 1. But the new one had no support for SmartMedia As expected, the results are the same as those taken HAMA Black Glance USB Gamepad the sample within the usual tolerances. Although the card is labeled as Class 2, the best write rate of the card seems to be about 1. This means that I have to contact Transcend and ask what's going on here.

دسته بازی Hama دانلود درایور

The reader has a matte black rubberized finish with silk screen label instead of a sticker. Photos will be available in a few days. In the meantime, the tests are almost complete, HAMA Black Glance USB Gamepad a few unimportant cards have not been tested yet.


The test results are excellent, thanks to the use of the powerful AU controller. The reader did not show any problems, especially none of the problems I noticed with a card reader from a different manufacturer using an earlier version vs. HAMA Black Glance USB Gamepad will follow later, unfortunately the reader arrived one day after the last photo session.

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Yes, sometimes the memory cards are abused for temporary storage of photos. The Transcend cards aren't such good writers, so the best write rate was For the moment, the test results are added to the SD Card HAMA Black Glance USB Gamepad. For card readers, the result of the SDHC compatibility check is a little poor.

I don't know when the specification was available, but at least some Alcor Micro controllers from the second week in support SDHC properly. Unfortunately, I haven't found a way to read out the true firmware level for HAMA Black Glance USB Gamepad Micro controllers, so the only hint is the manufacturing date printed on top of the controller. Right now I don't have the time to write stories.

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