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Giving a choice of three different effects Normal, Effect 1, Effect 2Nikon COOLPIX P1 Advanced Scene Modes can produce results that match personal preferences more closely. Nikon's unique D-Lighting Function is available in Playback Mode for the correction of images with insufficient flash or excessive backlight. You could easily Nikon COOLPIX P1 up a profile for the office, and another one for home.

Nikon Coolpix P1 & P2

After selecting the network, you'll see a screen that says "Connecting Nikon COOLPIX P1 the network," while the camera searches for the network you've chosen. Once the camera finds the network, it pops up the Wireless menu, with two pages of options, as shown above. The options here are somewhat Nikon COOLPIX P1. Easy Transfer simply copies all the images from the camera's memory card onto the host computer, while Shooting Date, Marked Images, and Selected Images let you transfer some of the images selectively.

This option struck us as potentially being the most fun, as you could leave a slide show running on a laptop at a table at a party, with images being added to it in Nikon COOLPIX P1 time as the affair progressed. Although, as our lab guy Luke pointed out, you might end up with a bunch of photos of people standing around looking at the computer. You can configure this mode to display a message confirming transfer of each image and to save the image in the camera, both of which are disabled by default. This mode does slow the shot to shot cycle times of the P1 substantially though, because the camera makes you wait until each transfer is complete before letting you snap the next picture. Finally, PC mode displays thumbnails of all the images on the camera's memory card in the Transfer Nikon COOLPIX P1 window, letting you select which ones you want to copy over, controlling the transfer process from the computer.

Digital Cameras - Nikon Coolpix P1 Digital Camera Review, Information, Specifications

Nikon COOLPIX P1 The screen shot above shows the Transfer window. We share some Nikon COOLPIX P1 these here, in the hope that they'll save you some trouble when working with your own P1. Wireless Mode is an entirely separate mode on the Mode Dial, and and it corresponds to the Full Auto setting in its operation. That is, the Launch the Transfer application We're frankly not sure how important this is.


It seems that Transfer is supposed to automatically launch any time the camera tries to connect to the host computer provided that Picture Project itself is runningbut this didn't always seem to happen. There were definitely times when we couldn't make a connection to our Apple PowerBook one of the original 15" Aluminum models, running OS X Nikon COOLPIX P1 several of those instances, launching Transfer manually allowed us to make a connection successfully.

At least once though, we had to reboot the computer before we could connect. The camera can connect to the network at Nikon COOLPIX P1 point it will display the Wireless Menu as shown earlier without Transfer running, but selecting any of the options from the Wireless Menu without Transfer running on several occasions left the camera just sitting there saying "Connecting to Network" a second time and Nikon COOLPIX P1 timing out. To launch Picture Project Transfer, click the "Transfer" button in the upper left corner of the main Picture Project screen. If the computer's WiFi link is being used to connect to an access point, then you have to use Infrastructure Mode.

If the computer is creating its own network, you have to use Ad Hoc mode.

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We're mostly Mac guys here, so we don't know what this option looks Nikon COOLPIX P1 on PCs. Security conundrums We initially had a lot of trouble getting the P1 to play on our network in infrastructure mode. We then discovered that our Apple Airport routers supported variable-length keys, which apparently aren't the standard for WEP networks.

If you're setting up a WEP network, make sure that the keys are exactly 5 characters long for bit WEP, and 13 characters for bit. No more and no less, the keys must be Nikon COOLPIX P1 5 or 13 characters long.

Also, the older bit encryption is not supported. This will make a new transfer folder. Launch a slide show in Picture Project from that folder.

Nikon Coolpix P1 & P2, with WiFi

NOTE though, that transfers will be greatly sped up if you shoot at the 1M resolution. It took about 5 seconds after Nikon COOLPIX P1 the shutter for a K 1M-size photo to appear on Nikon COOLPIX P1 host computer on a mixed "b" and "g" network. If you are running only Most new WiFi gear supports the higher-speed G standard, but there's a lot of older "b" hardware out there. You can run both types of devices on the same network transparently, but there's a significant performance hit for doing so. Technically, the G devices still communicate at their 54 Mbps speed, but there's a tremendous amount of overhead imposed on handling collisions between B and G traffic. The net result is that the transfer rates of G devices degrade to nearly those of B ones if both types are active simultaneously. Thus, for maximum transfer speed from your Nikon P1, make sure that you only have They're deal breakers, as the P1 needs those ports to communicate.

Simultaneous WiFi and wired connections!

Nikon Coolpix P1 & P2, with WiFi: Digital Photography Review

This one really caused us some hair-pulling, but it's not clear to us whether it's Mac-specific or a universal issue. Whenever the PowerBook that Nikon COOLPIX P1 creating the WiFi network was also plugged into a hardwired ethernet cable, the camera could connect to the network producing the Wireless Menubut when Nikon COOLPIX P1 tried to select any of the actual transfer modes, the connection would time out.

Somehow, the connection between camera and computer was disrupted if the PowerBook was also plugged into our office Ethernet LAN. Wi-Fi LAN Support (IEEEb/g) enables wireless transfer, shooting and printing; x Optical Zoom-Nikkor lens offering mm Nikon COOLPIX P1 equiv.). : Nikon Coolpix P1 8MP Digital Camera with x Optical Zoom (Wi-Fi Capable): Point And Shoot Digital Cameras: Camera & Photo.


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