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Robots eventually became "the greatest company in the known galaxy".


USR was one of many companies to offer dial-up modems for personal computers. Prior to the development of standards such as the V. In HST was expanded to USR was not the only company making modems with proprietary protocols; Telebit 's TrailBlazer series offered speeds up 3Com SPortster 9600 Fax However, USR became the most successful of the three, due to a marketing scheme that offered large discounts to BBS sysops.

As the price differential decreased, however, V. During this period, USR differentiated between its high and low-end product lines by supporting only the 3Com SPortster 9600 Fax. The Sportster used the same motherboard as the Couriers, and on certain USR developed its own 56k standard known as X2while a consortium of other companies introduced its own K56flex.

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In contrast to the success of HST, neither X2 nor K56flex saw any real market uptake, as it was clear they would soon be followed by V. After the introduction of V.


In a further effort to reduce the retail price of its modems, USR also marketed a Winmodem that used software running on the host computer to perform some of the modem functions. Robotics, the U. Robotics logo, V. Everything, and Adaptive Speed. Leveling are registered trademarks and Courier and x2 are trademarks of U. You install the I-modem in your computer and connect a cable between. Results 1 - 9 of 9. Your USRobotics modem is so 3Com SPortster 9600 Fax to install and use, you'll be up and running in no time!.

SPORTSTER 9600/PC, SPORTSTER 9600/PC FAX modem/telephone/ISDN Settings and Configuration

X2 56K updated driversTop. All the settings under.

Options V32bis ,V. Click here to.

Card only, no. Drivers not included unless specifically listed. For more information on US Robotics modems see:.

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Switching to fax mode after fax answer detection takes a certain amount of time. This time is time is made up of the time spent processing the command for switching from voice to fax mode which cannot be reduced and the time interval set by the modem's S6 register. Many country codes prohibit setting an S6 register value lower 3Com SPortster 9600 Fax 2, which corresponds to 2 seconds of delay. Robots and Mechanical Men which featured prominently in the works of Isaac Asimovwho is credited with inventing the term robotics. The company has stated it was named as an homage to Asimov because in his science fiction works U.

Robots eventually became "the greatest company in the known galaxy". Prior to the development of standards such as the V. Card Type. Modem (asynchronous). Chipset. U.S. Robotics.

Modem. External

Maximum Data Rate. bps. Maximum Fax Rate. bps (fax model only). Data Modulation. bytes file date: Lotus4 Notes/cc:Mail Script for 3Com/USRobotics Sportster k bytes file date: PCI Fax Modem Installation Guide.

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