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Needless to say, mad dashes through the airport with briefcase and laptop strapped around his shoulders were an exercise in exasperation. Then John bought a scanner. Now the briefcase is history. All those papers are digitally stored on his laptop's hard drive. When he makes a sales call now, he can retrieve any information he wants, print it out on the spot, or fax it anywhere in PRIMAX Scanner Color Mobile world with just a few strokes on his keyboard.

It works great, and there's no way I'd ever be able to carry all that stuff around on paper. Where scanners were once exotic, high-priced toys for graphic artists and publishers, today they're powerful, inexpensive tools for virtually anyone with a PC. Last year more than 1.

What do these gadgets do? Basically, they turn documents, illustrations, and photographs into patterns of tiny dots that can be stored, edited, or transmitted electronically. They do the job pretty darn well.


Those of a less larcenous mind use their scanners to spice up newsletters, proposals, and brochures with graphics, logos, and photos. Don't just print a message from the president--throw in his picture too.


A flier with a photograph is worth a thousand words. Even more important for owners of small businesses, most scanners come with optical character recognition OCR software, the stuff PRIMAX Scanner Color Mobile really bridges the gap between the electronic and the paper worlds. OCR programs allow you to edit a printed report, brochure, memo, or letter that you scanned into your PC.

That can save hours of dreary retyping--or the money you spend to pay someone else to type. The best OCR programs open PRIMAX Scanner Color Mobile even greater opportunities--they read forms and multicolumn layouts, differentiate between different typefaces and between photos and text, and turn your printed page into a word-processing file.

With a bit more fussing you can turn that page into a spreadsheet or database file. Scanners come in PRIMAX Scanner Color Mobile variety of shapes, sizes, and prices. Deciding how PRIMAX Scanner Color Mobile to spend depends mostly on what you want to do. Bargain-basement scanners may leave you wondering what to do with the machine once you've plugged it in. They tend to skimp on some of the really cool software that comes bundled with more expensive versions. A good scanning utility, a versatile image editor, and a capable OCR program can make your scanner the most valuable PC add-on of all.

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Scanner shoppers soon find that manufacturers throw around a lot of technobabble. The most important of these terms is resolution, which tells you how detailed an image the scanner can produce. Resolution is measured in dots per inch dpi. Most units marketed for personal and small-business use scan at resolutions ranging from to dpi. But read the fine print, because there's a lot of semitruth in scanner advertising. Manufacturers can "enhance" a machine's dpi through a software fix, but these software enhancements are never as good as promised.

PRIMAX Scanner Color Mobile for the unit's "optical" resolution: You'll also encounter a lot of talk about "gray scale levels" and "bit depth.

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Bit depth is a term that applies to color scanners. Once again, the larger the number, the better.

A bit scanner can distinguish more than 16 million colors. Scanners PRIMAX has been a leading supplier of scanners since We offer Document scanners cover various form factors such as flatbed, sheet-feed, and portable.

Primax Color Mobile Direct Free Driver Download for Windows 98, 95, -

These products cover both color and black and white machines. Primax Color Mobile Direct Free Driver Download for Windows 98, 95, - . Popular Primax Scanner Driver Downloads for Windows.

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